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Module for protection against transient and permanent surges with built-in IGA 2x25A for single-phase installations.

Combined surge protection module provides protection against permanent surges due to increases in network voltage and against transient surges (lightning strikes or network switches). breaking capacity of the IGA 10kA.

Reference: ST-2P25

The module includes:

  • IGA 2x25A,
  • Permanent overvoltage protector.
  • Transient overvoltage protector (ground discharger).

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Combined protection set against transient (ground discharger) and permanent surges, associated with a 2-pole cutting device (IGA) with a cutting power of 10kA according to UNE EN60898, curve "C".

The operation of this protection module is to produce the disconnection of the single-phase electrical system when it is subjected to a higher voltage than it had to receive, in a continuous way and to bring to ground the transient surges caused by the fall of rays or the switching of electrical distribution lines.

This very compact and simple installation device provides very high protection, both against transient or permanent surges, as well as line, by incorporating an IGA (MCB circuit breaker) with a cutting power of 10kA. It has a visual indicator of cutting status.

Suitable for use in home installations, electric vehicle charging points and industry.

Supply includes:

  • 2-Pole IGA (single phase): 2x25A.
  • Protector against permanent surges.
  • Transient surge protector (ground discharger).

The entire assembly is supplied fully wired.

Neutral situation on the right side, it is mandatory to respect the neutral position although the IGA is 2 pole protected.

Technical details:

  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Hyundai Electric
  • Ref: ST-2P25
  • Nominal voltage (One) 230VAC.
  • Nominal MCB circuit breaker current: 25A.
  • Number of protected poles: 2 (2x25A).
  • MCB circuit breaker cutting power: 10000kA (according to IEC/EN60898).
  • Shooting curve: "C".
  • Permanent upper firing voltage: 265Vac.
  • Permanent Overvoltage Response Time:
    • 275Vac: approx. 7s.
    • 300Vac: approx. 3s.
    • 350Vac: approx. 0.5s.
    • 400Vac: approx. 0.15s.
  • Nominal transient discharge current (In): 5kA.
  • Maximum transient discharge intensity (Imax): 15kA.
  • Up voltage:
  • Device type (class): II.
  • Maximum terminal cable section: 10 mm2 (IGA) 6 mm2 (module).
  • Number of modules occupied on DIN rail: 4.
  • Regulations: EN 60898 / EN 50550 / IEC 61643-11.
  • Marking: CE.

Note: The ability to protect against transient surges depends to a large extent on the quality of the grounding.


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