Four-pole differential (4 poles)

The three-pole differential switch for your installation at the best price

In this section we offer you a wide variety of high quality three-pole electrical differential switches with a current intensity from 25A to 100A, a sensitivity of 30mA and 300mA, standard (class AC), immunized (class A) and superimmunized (SI), and a breaking capacity of 6KA, so you can choose just the differential switch you need.

The electrical mechanisms of Adajusa are subjected to strict safety and quality controls in order to offer the customer a safe and high quality product for their electrical installations. These three-pole, 4-pole circuit breakers are suitable for application in domestic, tertiary and industrial sectors, guaranteeing at all times the safety of people in their use or application.

Do not hesitate and trust in the quality of our differentials.

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